Jul 14, 2011

Help...My Child Is Asking Questions About Following Jesus!

Here is a video I recently shared with the parents of our church to help them know when their child is ready to accept Christ. I give key things to look for and key concepts a child shoud be able to grasp when making the decision to follow Christ.

Posted by Dale Hudson


I think to say to a child or ask them, '' You know that you have sin, you have sinned in your life, right?'' is NOT careful enough to present this question to the child, yet. There has to be an explanation of our world view about sin, the whole world is in the grip of sin because.....sin touches everyones life in various ways, like.......and when each person is born we have sin in our hearts because of our first mommy and daddy, Adam and Eve. There is a big problem with the world, sin, and the only one who can fix such a big problem is the Lord. same with each person's heart. But to start by making it so personal without the back story, might be too vague, like hearing "You know you have a problem because you were born with something wrong with you''. This is sooo alien to a little ones understanding because parents, caregivers, TV shows are all expounding on the precious value of each individual which should be. But teaching about the problem of sin is absolutely valid but should be done with alot of care, also. Thank you, Tracy Q.

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