Aug 31, 2011

Bring Fun and Excitement To Your Children's Ministry Hallways for Under $50

I am always looking for ways to bring new fun and excitement into our Children's Ministry hallways. I want kids to start smiling or have the "wow" look when they walk in the door.  I just ordered two of these for our Children's Ministry hallways. They were introduced at the New York Toy Fair in August. They are really cool. Check them out. (p.s. I only ordered the clown fish since we live in a beach community) I purchased them from

Posted by Dale Hudson


Pastor Dale your crazy! Some kid is gonna get scared if it pops out of nowhere, lol

The shark would definitely bring some "excitement."(ha) That's why I only ordered the friendly little Clown Fish.

These are so much fun! And prob a good call on not having the shark :) Thanks again for all your help last week on our visit to CF! It was super helpful!

WOW I love this! totally sold on this idea great for underwater plays, lessons etc. My brain is going crazy with ideas.

They are alot of fun. We got ours at Toys R Us. Kids love it.

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