Disney Shows Us How to Make Volunteers Feel Like Stars

Disney has a new strategy called "Every Role A Starring Role."  Each video segment highlights a different cast member (employee) and shows how important their role is.  Watch the video below.  You'll pick up many cues about how to help every person on your team feel like a star.  After the video, I list some of the things I noticed.  What are some tips you noticed?  Share them with us in the comment section.

  • They say it loud and clear.  Just the words "Every Role a Starring Role" brings value to their team members. A culture doesn't happen by chance...it is created.  Do we emphasize how important each volunteer is?
  • They emphasize a common cause that is important to everyone.  She mentioned that recycling is very important to their team.  Have we united our volunteers behind a common cause?  People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • They are encouraged to express their creativity.  Water painting...wow!  Makes me want to pick up a broom and dust pan.  Do we release people to express their creativity or do we box them in?  When volunteers are released to do ministry in creative ways, they feel like a star.
  • They are taught that people are important.  A big part of their job is customer service.  Do we teach each volunteer that their primary role is to love and care for people?  When volunteers are empowered to impact people directly, it makes them feel like a star.
  • They have the DNA of the organization.  Did you pick up on "Walt said...?"  Do we take time to empower our volunteers with the vision, values, and core values of our ministry?
  • It's a team effort.  They know all team members are supporting them by picking up any trash they see.  Do our volunteers feel isolated or like part of a team?  Stars are made possible by teams.
  • They have ownership.  Did you notice she said "When I'm in MY area of the park..."  When a person feels ownership, they are going to perform like a star because it's personal.
  • They have a simple, clear job description.  Keep it clean and keep it friendly.  Do we set our volunteers up to be stars by clearing defining their role and what the wins 
Posted by Dale Hudson