Interview with Brian Haynes - Author of Shift and Legacy Milestones

Last week at the D6 Conference, I interviewed Brian Haynes.  Brian serves as the Lead Pastor of Bay Area First Baptist Church.  He is the author of Shift.  Shift gives you a practical, workable plan that equips parents to be the primary faith influencers in their homes and helps you leverage the seven most common milestones in the life of a family.  He is also the creator of the Legacy Milestones strategy that is designed to inseparably link church and home to equip the generations. 

I asked Brian some questions about partnering with parents in the discipleship of their children.  He shared some great insight.  Below are the questions and the interview.  There were some other interviews going on in the same room, so it’s a little noisy.  My prayer is that as you listen to this, you will be encouraged and better equipped to minister to families.

1.  How can we encourage fathers to be the spiritual leader in their home?
2.  What are some ways ministries can come alongside parents and equip them to disciple their children?
3.  What are some key times in parent’s lives when they open the door and invite you to speak into their lives?
4.  Do you believe the statistic that says 70-85% of kids are walking away from church when they finish high school is really accurate?
5.  The children of Pastors and church leaders are sometimes exposed to the dark side of church life.  They see people who are not acting Christ-like or hear someone say negative things.  In this area, what are some keys to helping your kids grow up to love Jesus and the church?