KidMin Conference 2011 - Join Us

I am excited to be a part of KidMin conference 2011 on Oct.7-10 in Chicago. Here's what makes the conference so unique.

At KidMin, you Don't just sit in a chair, listen, and leave. You zoom in, grapple, and dig. It's four days of marinating in fresh ideas and topics that really matter.

The speakers and leaders at KidMin are here to interact with you the entire time. We talk, we share, we listen. It's a time to bond and connect with speakers and other kidmins on every level.


Remember the excitement you felt when you first got into ministry? That's the vibe at KidMin, where everything we do revolves around reigniting your passion.

Another one of the things that makes this conference unforgettable is its intimate environment, which includes accessibility to speakers and Xorbee Sacks. These special ingredients make the whole experience feel like a conversation with friends.

Speaker Accessibility...KidMin presenters are here for you! Each one of them chose to be an integral part of this weekend of training, conversation, networking, and ministry. So you'll see them in your training sessions, at general sessions, browsing the bookstore, and eating meals. We're all here to enjoy the experience with you.

Xorbee Sack pods...The makers of Xorbee Sacks are one of our ministry partners. These fluffy and comfy foam furniture bags are spread throughout the conference center. They're used as a meeting place for Connect Groups, and are also available anytime for conversation, relaxation, prayer, and even naps!

I will be sharing two sessions.
-Children's Ministry Leadership That Lasts...How to Go the Distance
-Volunteers: Quick Tips with Lasting Results

There's still time to register. Just click on the link below for more information. If you'll be attending, let me know. I'd like to meet you.

Posted by Dale Hudson