Do You Have Family Appeal?

Walt Disney talked about "family appeal."  He was a master of knowing what appealed to families.  How about your church?  Do you have family appeal?  Here are some factors I have seen that can create family appeal.

  • Safety and Security.  Parents want to know that their kids are going to be safe and secure while in your care. 
  • Sanitation.  Families are drawn toward excellence.  A big indicator of excellence is cleanliness.
  • Surroundings that are kid-friendly.  A facility that is decorated with kids in mind will appeal to families and pay for itself many times over.
  • Sincerity.  Families are looking for more than just a good show.  They are looking for a place where people sincerely care for them.  People who are honest.  Real.  Ready to do life with them.
  • Shared Experiences.  Parents are looking for shared spiritual experiences with their children.
  • Sermons that are relevant to their everyday lives. They want to know how to get along with their spouse.  How to be a good parent.  How to trust God when times are tough.  How to balance work and home.
  • Smiles.  Parents are looking for a place where their kids enjoy going.  Where they will be smiling when they pick them up. 
  • Single parent ministry.  Many families are led by a single parent.  It's tough parenting as a couple and even more challenging solo.  They are looking for a church that will partner with them and provide support for the unique challenges they face.   

  • Special Needs Ministry.  There are many families who have kids with special needs.  They are looking for a church that has an effective special needs ministry.
      • Special Celebrations for special days.  Families are looking for a church that will help them celebrate the significant milestones in their child's life.  Special days like child dedication, baptism, transition into teenage years, graduation, and more.

      What are some other factors that give a ministry "family appeal?"  Would enjoy hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

      Posted by Dale Hudson