Do You Have Quietness in Your Life?

“Truly my heart waits silently for God." Psalm 62:1

We are surrounded by noise...everywhere...everyday. 

In the car, the radio is on.
In the house, the TV is on.
When we are exercising, the earbud is cranking a song.
When we are work, we are engaged in conversation.
When we are on our computer, we are watching YouTube or listening to a podcast.
256 ads come at us everyday.
Our cell phones go off every few seconds as we send and receive phone calls and texts.

If we are going to have a quiet place in a world filled with noise, then we have to be intentional about creating it.  We have to carve out a place where we can retreat away from the noise...and just be silent.

It's not easy sitting in silence because we've been programmed to have the noise.  We become fidgety, restless, unable to endure the gap of silence that lies between the noise. 

But in the quietness lies...
God's still, small voice that whispers in our heart
New vision

Do you have quietness in your life?

Posted by Dale Hudson