How Children's Ministry Can Help Stop Bullying

In a recent study, over 44% of students said they had been involved in or affected by bullying.  How can we, as Children's Ministries, help put a stop to bullying?

Teach kids what God's Word says about it.  When kids bully, they are disobeying God's Word.  Just as Jesus stood against Satan's temptations in the wilderness by using the Word of God, so we must help kids defeat bullying by using the Word of God.  We must teach kids that God wants us to live peacefully with all men...that He wants us to love and respect others...that He wants us to treat others the same way we want to be treated.  When we teach kids to apply God's truth to their life in this area and hold them accountable, they will stop bullying.  Is this part of your planned curriculum?  Are you being intentional in teaching kids how to overcome bullying? 

Reach and teach parents.  Studies have shown that many times bullies are simply mirroring what they have experienced in their home.  They have been hurt by a family member or have witnessedviolence first-hand.  When kids are in a healthy, loving family, they are far less likely to participate in bullying.  We must invest in parents and help them discover and apply the skills they need to create a loving environment at home. 

Posted by Dale Hudson