KidMin 2011 - Leadership Lab with Dr. Denise Kjesbo and Deb Moncauskas

I'm blogging live from Kidmin Conference 2011 in Chicago. This afternoon I am in a session called Exploring Strengths Finder for Children and Family Ministry Leaders.  The session is being led by Dr. Denise Kjesbo and Deb Moncauskas from Bethel Seminary. Bethel has an excellent Master of Arts degree in Children and Family Ministry.

Why do people follow?
  • TrustTrust might be the "do or die" foundation for leading. Respect, integrity, and honesty are the outcomes of strong relationships built on trust.
  • Compassion.  Followers want to know that their leader cares about them as a person. Relationships are important.
  • Stability.  Followers want leaders who will provide a solid foundation. As a leader, your followers need to know that your core values are stable.
  • Hope.  Followers want stability for the moment and hope for the future. Hope gives followers something to look forward to and it helps them see a way through chaos and complexity. Knowing that things can and will be better in the future is a positive motivator.

Seven Demands of Leadership:
  1. Knowing self.  Leaders gain respect, support, and personal fulfillment by understanding themselves and staying true to their values.
  2. Building a constituency.  Leaders continually build networks of trust, support, and communication by contacting and relating to a wide range of internal and external associates. They approach every day as a recruiting day, beginning with those with whom they work most closely.
  3. Maximizing values.  Leaders bring direction and motivation by articulating through words and actions the values in which they believe.
  4. Visioning.  Leaders inspire others by imagining and frequently articulating vivid pictures of the future.  They unite, motivate, and propel others to success.
  5. Mentoring.  Leaders bring growth by mentoring others and by being mentored. They create growth and development opportunities and multiply their positive influence.
  6. Making sense of experience.  Leaders promote effectiveness by providing confidence through clarity. They interpret the events and issues at hand, and how they will be approached.
  7. Challenging experience.  Leaders stimulate great achievements by "raising the bar" for themselves and their organizations. They create new and greater challenges that are in alignment with the orginization's vision, mission, and values.

Posted by Dale Hudson