Kidmin Conference 2011 - Friday Night Session with Dr. Lazarus Chakwera

I'm blogging from the Kidmin Conference in Chicago through Monday. Tonight's session was with Dr. Lazarus Chakwera. He is a Pastor, leader, and advocate for children in Malawi. Here are some notes from his talk.
  • One of the key times to reach people is between the ages of 4-14.
  • No one is a reject in the sight of God.
  • God has not given up on our world.
  • No child is illegitimate. The child's parents may have committed an illegitimate act, but the child is not illegitimate. No one is a mistake.
  • God can squeeze a blessing out of a curse.
  • God uses one generation to build another generation.
  • The next generation is a reflection of us.
  • Example has incredible power.
  • God's big story gives our story meaning.
  • At the end of the story, you will see that your story was significant

Posted by Dale Hudson