Kidmin Conference 2011 - Sunday night session with Gina McClain

I am blogging from the Kidmin Conference in Chicago. Tonight's session featured Gina McClain. Gina leads the Children's Ministry at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville. She shared a great word from John 4. Here are some notes from the session.
  • Have a posture of learning. The minute you think you have it all figured out you need to hang it up.
  • When you encounter the truth your life will be changed.
  • The woman at the well had been labeled. (Samaritan, divorced, sinner, etc.)
  • We also get labeled by others. 
  • When she met Jesus all those labels fell off and she was labeled by Jesus. 
  • We have a label from Jesus that says "Jesus loves me."
  • God has labeled you...Child of God...Friend of Jesus...Part of Christ's body...Bride of Christ...Chosen by God...Complete in Christ...Free from Condemnation...Anointed by God...New Creation...Reconciled...Holy...Triumphant...Redeemed
  • When the labels fall off it frees you to do ministry to it's fullest.

Posted by Dale Hudson