Kidmin Conference 2011 - Saturday Night with Jim Wideman

I am blogging from the Kidmin Conference in Chicago through Monday. Tonight Jim Wideman spoke at the evening session. Jim is a pioneer in Children's Ministry and is one of my heroes. He has inspired and equipped thousands of children's ministers over the years. Here are some gems from his talk tonight.
  • God wants us to start, stay, and finish strong.
  • Your vision will keep you from quitting.
  • Make it hard for kids in your area to grow up and not know Jesus.
  • Vision is one of the most important things you can have for the long haul.
  • Where there is no vision people perish. Where there is vision people flourish.
  • Don't be a long ranger in ministry.
  • Why would Jesus give you more kids if you can't take care of the ones you have.
  • The church should out serve everyone else.
  • Be a person that values connecting people.
  • Don't wind down wind up.
  • It's all about Jesus. Anything that has worked is because of Jesus.
  • Build a team so ministry can happen without you.

Posted by Dale Hudson