Kidmin Conference - Nursery Ministry

I'm posting from the Kidmin Conference in Chicago through Monday. This morning I am in a workshop led by Jennifer Hooks and Barbara Price. They are sharing some great insight about nursery ministry. Here are 10 interesting things they shared to start the session.
  1. 92% of children from birth to age 2 have parents with an online presence.
  2. A handbag is a toddler's favorite place to hide a medicine bottle.
  3. Babies develop their right or left hand dominance as early as 10 weeks gestation. 
  4. Babies begin learning on their first day of life.
  5. When a mother is depressed it can harm their child. Children of depressed mothers rank poorly on language skills and understanding.
  6. The first 3 years of a child's life are the most intensive period of language and speech development. This is when the language center in the brain is developing rapidly and the more a child is stimulated with speech and language, the better his or her development.
  7. A baby's first form of communication is crying, which is typically rewarded by food or attention, and actually begins in utero.
  8. Songs prepare babies to learn the rules and practices of their culture. Mothers singing and interacting with their babies is the most effective method to stimulate learning, memory, and comprehension. 
  9. Dads are faster at changing diapers than moms.
  10. Babies are born able to swim and hold their breath under water. But it rapidly decreases after birth. 

Posted by Dale Hudson