10 Guidelines to Follow If You Want to Stay in Ministry

Each month over 1,500 Pastors leave the ministry.  Most of them leave because of a struggle with either money, power, sex, or burnout.  If you don't want to be part of the statistics, then you must have guidelines you live by.  These guidelines are like guardrails that will keep you on course and prevent you from crashing.  Some of them may seem extreme, but you have to take extreme measures if you want to go the distance in ministry.
  1. Work on you more than you work on the ministry.
  2. Have someone who asks you the hard questions.
  3. Let someone else count/handle/deal with the money.
  4. Never ride alone with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse.
  5. Have a window so people can always see into your office.
  6. Do not work long hours alone with someone of the opposite sex.
  7. Always take your day off.
  8. Use your vacation time.
  9. Do not counsel someone of the opposite sex.
  10. Do not believe your press reports...either way.
Posted by Dale Hudson