Christmas Offering Strategy for Kids

Christmas is such a great time to help kids develop a generous heart.  In a time of year when kids are usually consumed with what they are going to get, you can turn their hearts toward what they are going to give instead.  In a time of year when kids are usually focused on themselves, you can turn their hearts toward living for Jesus and others.

Here's a strategy for helping your children develop a generous heart at Christmas.
  1. Have a "Happy Birthday Jesus" offering.
  2. Create an offering container for each child to save their money in.  It can be a small box or something as simple as a zip lock bag.
  3. Teach the children what Christmas is all about.  It's about Jesus coming to the earth to offer us eternal life with Him.  
  4. Teach the kids that since it's about celebrating Jesus' birth, He should receive the biggest gift.
  5. Share with parents the vision of the offering.  Better yet, get the whole church involved in the offering so families are experiencing it together.
  6. Clearly communicate what the offering is being dedicated to.
  7. Consider designating the offering to a cause outside your church.  Perhaps it's a water well in a needy country, an orphanage in South America, or feeding the local homeless.  
  8. Have a "Happy Birthday Jesus Party" during a weekend service.  We host ours the weekend before Christmas.
  9. Have kids turn in their offering on that weekend. 
  10. Celebrate with them how much money they collectively gave to help others.

Posted by Dale Hudson