How to Use Email to Follow Up After a Big Event

Yesterday I talked about effectively following up after a big event.  One strategy I shared was sending a follow up email.  Here are the steps I mentioned.

1. Collect their contact information at the event.  We do this by having a prize drawing several times during an event.  Families give us their contact information to enter the drawing.

2. Send them an email that invites them to be your guest at a weekend service.  Make sure you include a link to your church or ministry website.  Send this out within 24 hours of the event.

Here is the email we sent out last night to all our guests who registered at our fall festival.

Thank you for being our guest at the Family Fall Festival.  We hope you had a great time.  Christ Fellowship is a family made up of people just like you and me, who come together to encourage and support each other on this journey called life.

One of the most exciting and challenging parts of life is being a parent.  At Christ Fellowship, we want to help your kids learn more about God and discover the purpose He has for their lives, and come alongside you to provide tools, resources and support.

You can get more information about Christ Fellowship by visiting our website at or by calling 561-799-7600.  We invite you to be our guest at any of our weekend services.  We're here for you and your family.

Hope to see you this weekend!
Posted by Dale Hudson