Our Children's Ministry Weekend Schedule

People often ask about our Children's Ministry weekend schedule.  Here's what it looks like...

4:45 pm     Staff Prayer
5:20 pm     Volunteer Huddles/Prayer
5:30 pm     Doors Open
6:00 pm     Service #1
                  Early Childhood (45 min. class time /15 min. chapel)
                  Elementary (30 min. large group / 30 min. small group)
7:00 pm     Pick-up

7:45 am     Staff Devotions/Prayer
8:20 am     Volunteer Huddles/Prayer
8:30 am     Doors Open
9:00 am     Service #2 (same schedule as service #1)
10:00 am   Pick-up

10:00 am   Volunteer Huddles/Prayer
10:10 am   Doors Open
10:30 am   Service #3 (same schedule as service #1)
11:30 am   Pick-up

11:40 am   Volunteer Huddles/Prayer
11:50 am   Doors Open
12:12 pm   Service #4 (same schedule as service #1)
1:12 pm     Pick-up

  • New Volunteer Orientation - every weekend during services
  • Room available for children who are at church for 2 hrs. due to their parents serving - every weekend during service #3
  • Guest Reception - 1st weekend of every month after services
  • Baptism Class - 2nd weekend of each month during services (child/parents attend together)
  • Parent/Child Dedication Class - 2nd weekend of every other month during services
  • Parent/Child Dedication - 3rd weekend every other month during services
  • Baptism - 4th weekend of every month during services

What does your weekend schedule look like?  Would enjoy seeing what you do.  Share in the comments section.

Posted by Dale Hudson