9 Tips for a Children's Ministry Makeover

Stuck in a rut?
Need some updates?
Tired of the same old, same old?

Maybe it's time for a ministry makeover.  Here's nine tips that can breathe new life into your children's ministry.

A fresh coat of paint.  It's amazing the lift that fun, kid-friendly paint can bring.  Get out the brush and re-paint some of those tired old colors.

New curriculum.  Have you been using the same curriculum for several years?  Maybe it's time to look for something new that will challenge your teachers and kids.

Stop doing what's not working and re-focus the energy, time, and resources toward what is working.   Are there any tired, old, ineffective programs you're propping up just for the sake of tradition?  Are they holding you back?  Change may be necessary if you want a makeover. 

Bring some new volunteers on the team.  New volunteers bring energy, excitement, and life with them.  They will be an encouragement and inspiration to your current volunteers.

A new logo can bring excitement to your Children's Ministry.  Have it professionally done and put it on new shirts, signage, brochures, etc.

Adjust your schedule.  Are your rooms full?  Do you need to add an additional service?  Would adjusting your weekend service schedule 15-30- minutes make it more family-friendly?  Would a new schedule allow you to reach more people?
Bring in some outside eyes.  Familiarity can cause you to become blind to things that need to be updated or adjusted.  Ask someone to come in and evaluate the ministry.  It might be someone from another department in your church or someone you bring in from the outside as a consultant. 

Re-assign or dismiss people who are blocking progress.  Is there someone who is holding back the ministry?  If there is, they're probably coming to your mind right now.  Hard conversations are never easy to have and difficult decisions take courage to make.  But sometimes it's necessary if you're going to move forward.

Build a new children's area or building.  This is the most expensive way to makeover your children's ministry.  But wow...the return can be incredible.  A great children's area can make your Children's Ministry seem even better than it is.  It can bring incredible growth and revitalization. 

What are some things you have done that have brought new energy and excitement into your ministry?
What are some things you have been thinking about trying?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson