Using YouTube in Children's Ministry (Pt.2)

Yesterday we talked about using YouTube video clips in lessons or discussions.  Today let's talk about using YouTube to encourage and equip your volunteers.

Volunteer training is extremely important and a necessity.  But let's face it...with people's schedules it can be difficult to get them to come to training.  So why not take the training to them?  Make it easy for them to access the training anytime...anywhere.  That's where YouTube can be a huge help.

Here's some tips for using YouTube to help encourage and equip your volunteers.

Grab a video camera or webcam.  Many computers have a built-in webcam. 

Record a short training video.   I would recommend making your video 5 minutes maximum.  If it goes longer, people tend to not finish it.

Go to YouTube and set up a free account and channel.  Setting up a channel will allow you to place all your training videos in one location so volunteers can easily access them.  Here is a video that shows you how to do this. 

Upload your video to YouTube by clicking the upload button.  If you want to add things like text, music, etc. you can edit your video first with a program like Windows Movie Maker (pc) or iMovie (mac). 

Share the video with your volunteers.  Here are several options...
   -Email them a link to the video.
   -Embed the video directly into the email you send.
   -Create a Facebook page for your volunteers and embed the video directly into the page (click for
   -Create a free training blog site for your volunteers and embed the video into the page (click for

I still recommend meeting in person with your volunteers at least one to two times a year.  Video training is a great tool, but it's also important to cast vision and disciple face-to-face. 

What are some other tips for using YouTube for training?  Any other tech tips?
How have you used YouTube to train volunteers?
What are the positives of using video training?
What are the negatives of using video training?

Would enjoy seeing your thoughts in the comment section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson