An Inside Look at Our Children's Ministry Calendar

Below is an inside look at our entire Children's Ministry calendar for 2012.  It includes our staff meeting schedule as well as special events, classes, spiritual steps, etc.  We spend several days each summer preparing our calendar for the next year.  Here are some thoughts that guide our calendaring process.

  • Let your strategy drive your calendar instead of allowing your calendar to drive your strategy.
  • Less is more.  Find your niche' and do a few things well.  You can do a lot of things mediocre or a few things with excellence.
  • What you say "no" to is just as important as what you say "yes" to.
  • Evaluate each year.  What is working?  What is not working?  What needs to be changed?  What needs to be dropped?
  • Sometimes something "good" has to die so something "great" can live.
  • Work closely with other ministries so you don't plan things on top of each other.
  • Think "steps" instead of just events or programs.  Everything on your calendar should be a step that is moving people toward spiritual maturity.
  • We are multi-site, so we strive to balance alignment across campuses with maximizing the individual impact each campus can have in their area.
  • Strategically look at family calenders when planning your church calendar.  Take into consideration holidays, days school is out, 3 day weekends, spring breaks, graduation dates, etc. when planning.  Make sure you place key events, classes, etc. at times when it won't be competing with other family events.

GK 2012 Core Calendar

If you have any questions about anything on our calendar, feel free to post in the comments section below and I will be glad to respond.

Posted by Dale Hudson