7 Simple Steps That Will Help You Keep Volunteers

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you keep volunteers and minimize turnover. 

Create clear job descriptions.  Let people know up front what the time commitment will be, what their responsibilities will include, what the wins will be, expectations, etc.  If they go in with no surprises, they will be less likely to surprise you by quitting later. 

Place them in their sweet spot.  Take time to find out what their gifts are and what they are passionate about.  Don't place them where you "need" them.  Instead, help them find their sweet spot.  When someone is in their sweet spot, they will be energized by serving and will last. 

Say "thank you" every week.  Those two words carry a lot of weight.  Look them in the eye and sincerely let them know you are thankful for their friendship and ministry. 

Take 10 minutes before each service and huddle with them.  Spend a few minutes telling jokes, sharing prayer requests, sharing praise reports, sharing a thought from God's Word, bragging on a volunteer for something specific, sharing a short training piece, praying, etc. 

Feed them.  Have snacks, drinks, water, etc. available for them before and after their service time.  Having food ready shows you value them. 

Build a family instead of an organization.  Make journeying together the best part of serving.  When you move from an organization to a family, people will develop a sense of belonging.  And when people belong...people stay. 

Acknowledge special events in their life.  Acknowledge their birthday, anniversary, graduations, Christmas, etc.  It means a lot when you take time to do this.

What are some other things you do to keep volunteers?  You can leave your ideas in the comment section below.