How to Get Your Volunteers to Show Up for Training...Every Week!

Do you face the challenge of getting volunteers to show up for training?  I do.  People's lives are crazy busy and they're not looking for one more thing to add to their schedule.  But training and growing volunteers is a vital part of Children's Ministry. 

I have found there is a key opportunity for training each week that many Children's Ministries overlook.  That's the 10 minutes before you open the doors for the worship service / class time.

Recently we have become very intentional about using those 10 minutes to pour into our volunteer team.  Here's what the 10 minutes looks like...
  • Laughter.  We have fun.  We spend a minute or so letting people tell jokes or funny stories. 
  • Recognition of a volunteer who goes the second mile.  We name something specific they have done and the impact it had on kids and parents.
  • Devotional/training piece.  One simple thought that helps everyone grow.
  • Prayer Requests/Prayer.  We pray for individual needs and for God to work in us and through us as we serve.
  • Team cheer.  We literally get in a huddle like a football team and do a team cheer.  Right now it's a chant that says "What time is it?  What time is it?  It's time to serve!  It's time to love on!  Go God's Kids team!"  I know it sounds cheesy...but it works.  People go out enthusiastic and with a sense of anticipation. 
Think about this.  A football team huddles before each play.  It's's to the communicates what's next...and it gets everyone on the same page.  Try doing the same thing with your volunteers before service.  It works!

Posted by Dale Hudson