One Simple Step You Can Take to Create the "Wow" Factor in Your Children's Ministry

Do you want to give kids and families an "over-the-top" experience when they come to your church?  The kind of experience that will make them smile?  The kind of experience that will bring them back?  The kind of experience that will have them telling their friends about your church?  The kind of experience that will have them saying "Wow?"

It doesn't take a big budget or cool buildings or the latest and greatest whatever.  It only takes one simple thing to create the "wow" factor.  Are you ready?  Here it is...


That's it.  Plain and simple.  Intentionally listen for opportunities to make people's day.  Disney World is so good at this.  They have been known to overhear a guest say they like a certain type of chocolate.  When the guest returns to their hotel room at the end of the day, the chocolate is waiting for them.

Let me give you some examples of how intentional listening can help you create the "wow" factor:
  • You hear a mother sharing with someone that her child is wanting a devotion book, but she can't afford to purchase one.  The next week you have the devotion book waiting for her child.
  • You hear a father sharing that he has an important job interview coming up that week. You send him a text on Monday letting him know you are praying for him as he prepares for the interview.
  • You hear a child say their birthday is Friday.  You send them a birthday card.
  • You hear a volunteer sharing that their favorite place to eat is a certain restaurant.  You make a note of it and when Christmas comes, you give them a gift card to that restaurant. 
When you are intentional about listening for ways to make people's day, you will be amazed at the opportunities God will give you to make it happen.

 Posted by Dale Hudson