Inside Look at the San Diego Church Tour (Pt.2)

I am in San Diego at the Children's Pastor's Conference this week.  Yesterday I hosted the pre-conference church tour.  We visited three churches in the San Diego area.  One of the best ways to get fresh ideas for your Children's Ministry is to visit other churches.  Yesterday I shared pictures from Friends ChurchNow let's take a look at the other two churches we visited.

The next church we visited was Rock Harbor.  Rock Harbor is a church of communities living out the Gospel together.  They have 6,000 people attending across six campuses.  Their Family Ministries has taken a "Family Empowered" approach to ministry.  Everything has been geared toward inspiring, equipping, and supporting parents in their role as the primary nurturers of their child's faith.

Our final stop was College Avenue Baptist Church.  They have been able to transform their classrooms on a very limited budget to creative, Bible-teaching, colorful, and child-friendly environments that support their vision and teaching format.

Posted by Dale Hudson