10 Signs Your Children's Ministry is Thriving

Here are ten signs that your Children's Ministry is thriving.  

You are having first-time guests on a regular basis.  This means kids and families are excited about what God is doing and they are inviting their friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, etc.  And not just once a year on "Friend Day" when everyone is pushed to bring someone.  It's happening organically....week in and week out...people are bringing others because of the life change they have experienced.

Guests are returning.  You are seeing people come back and get plugged in.

You hear and see stories of life change on a regular basis.  Stories emerge that confirm that God is changing people's lives.  Real people.  Real change.

Kids are moving from the row to the circle.  Kids are getting involved in a small group where they are known, loved, and cared for.

Your nursery and preschool are full.  A full nursery and preschool means you are reaching young families.  Young families are an indication of a healthy, thriving church.

You are growing.  Where there is life...there is growth.  A thriving church will be reaching more people this year than they were last year.

Your volunteers smile and have fun while they are serving.  There is an atmosphere of joy and "family."

Kids are taking spiritual steps.  You are seeing not only numerical growth, but also personal growth as kids take steps such as baptism, joining a small group, sharing their faith, serving, etc.

Parents tell you their kids make them come to church even when they don't feel like it.  Kids are so engaged in the services that they make sure their parents bring them...even when dad and mom want to skip a Sunday.

Discipleship is happening at home.  Parents are using the tools and resources you are providing to disciple their children during the week.  They are stepping up to be the spiritual leaders and examples for their children.

What are some other indicators of a thriving Children's Ministry?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.