5 Things You Don't Want to Look Back and Regret in Ministry

Don't look back and regret not spending enough time with your family.  Is your ministry at church keeping you from your first ministry priority....your family?  Your kids will be grown and gone before you blink.  Don't look back and regret not making your family your number one priority. 

Don't look back and regret not slowing down to celebrate the victories.  Is your ministry schedule so busy that you rush on to the next big thing without taking time to slow down and celebrate what God just did?  Make sure you take time to smell the ministry roses before they wilt away.  The next dozen ministry roses you are growing can wait.

Don't look back and regret not having fun with your team.  Lighten up.  Tell some jokes.  Play some pranks.  Celebrate birthdays.  Leave the office and catch a movie together.  Go to lunch and don't talk about "church stuff."  The world will still be there tomorrow...waiting for you to save it.  You have permission to take a break and have some fun.

Don't look back and regret not taking your day off or using your vacation time.  Has ministry taken over your life to the point where you don't take time for yourself?  Has it taken over to the point where you "have" to work on your day off?  Are you ending the year with unused vacation time?  Trust me...it will catch up with you.  You will regret it later.

Don't look back and regret not expressing appreciation to those who have helped you.  Appreciation expressed at an eulogy won't mean as much as appreciation expressed now.  Write that thank you note.  Make that phone call.  Send that email.  Say thank you....often...face-to-face when possible.  Live with and express an attitude of gratitude.

Someone once said, "Regret is insight that comes a day too late."

Now is the time.  Make some changes.