10 Tips for Better Email Communication

Here are 10 email guidelines I live by.  I learned many of these by trial and error.  Check them out.  It can help your email communication be more effective.

Never confront or correct by email.  This should be done face-to-face. 

Use BCC when emailing a group of volunteers.  This makes the email more personal and respects your volunteers' privacy.

Check your spelling before you hit send.  We learned this the hard way.  We sent out an email to all our volunteers letting them know they could pick up their volunteer shirt.  We accidentally left out the "r" in shirt.  True story.

When someone sends you a task or information, reply with the words "got it."  This lets the person know you received it and you are on it.

Don't forward the cheesy story or email chain.  Spare people the trouble of having to hit delete.

Respond asap...48 hours max.

If it's more than two paragraphs or 4 replies, it should be a phone conversation instead of an email.

If you're not sure about someone's email tone, don't assume the worst.   Pick up the phone and ask them...with a gentle and kind spirit.

Create folders and save emails if there is the slightest chance you might need them later.  You never know when you will need to pull up a past email.  This has saved me on a number of occasions.

Have set times you check email.  If you constantly check email, it can distract you from your tasks and hinder your productivity. 

What other email tips do you use?  Share them with us in the comment section below.