16 Children / Family Ministry Websites You Should Be Reading

The world wide web can bring a wealth of children/family ministry knowledge, training, and experience right to your doorstep.

Below are 16 sites that I highly recommend.  All of the sites are empowered by proven leaders and friends who can bring value to your ministry.  If you want to grow as a children and family ministry leader, it's just a click away. 
kidmin360.com with Greg Baird
Equips and connects Children's Ministry leaders through coaching, consulting, ministry assessments, training, resources, and staff searches.

Shares insights and ideas to encourage creative ministry to children and families.

childrensministryonline.com with Kenny Conley
Exists to be a place of encouragement, a place to exchange new and fresh ideas as well as connect others who minister to kids.

cmconnect.org with Michael Chanley
A free Children's Ministry social network... discuss topics related to kidmin; such as Sunday School, Bible Lessons, and Kids Church.

Children's Ministry, creativity, and leadership

jonathancliff.com with Jonathan Cliff
A collection of family, church, culture, and technology thoughts.

lemonlimekids.com with Amy Dolan
Fresh ideas for tweaking children's ministry curriculum and our current methods of teaching children in the church, thoughts on how culture and media are affecting our children’s faith, new ideas towards modeling faith for children, and strategic ways to improve our leadership in the church. 

orangeleaders.com with ReThink Team
Leading the way in uniting church and family.  Can help you equip parents to be the primary spiritual influence in their child's life.

davidwakerley.com with David Wakerley
Ministry leadership and creativity. 

cmbraintrust.com with Randy Triplett
Over 721 years of collective wisdom and knowledge from over 39 authors.

Thousands of free ideas & resources for telling kids about Jesus. 

justynsmith.com with Justyn Smith
Thoughts on life, leadership, and little ones. 

ginamcclain.com with Gina McClain
Thoughts on leadership, multi-site, product reviews, and more.

rogerfields.com with Roger Fields
Unfiltered thoughts on life and ministry.

westcoastcm.com with Anthony Prince
Giving a voice to children's ministry on the left coast.

childrensministry.com with Group Publishing
Partnering with you to make Jesus irresistible to kids. 

What other sites do you recommend?  Share them in the comment section below.