6 Things You Should Do On Sunday Mornings In Addition to Church Services

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to get families involved outside of Sunday mornings?  You're not alone.  Families' schedules continue to get squeezed.  This means they are making choices with their time.

If you want to impact the most families with key ministry programs/classes, consider offering the programs/classes on Sunday mornings when families are already at church.  The less you ask them to come back outside of Sunday morning, the better participation you will have.

Why offer a class on Wednesday night that will be attended by 5 parents when you can offer it on Sunday morning and have 10 parents attend?

Here are 6 things you can do on Sunday mornings to impact families in addition to offering worship services.

Special classes like child dedication and baptism.  Do you have a class that is required before child dedication or baptism?  Why not offer it on Sunday morning?  People can attend the class before, during, or after a worship service. 

Counseling appointments.  Set them up before or after a worship service. 

Potential volunteer interviews.  Do you have a hard time connecting with potential volunteers during the week?  Schedule to meet with them before, during, or after a service.

Volunteer training.  Do you want a high percentage of your volunteers to attend a training event?  Have it on Sunday morning before or after the time they serve.  Better yet, have it during the time they normally serve and have someone else cover their volunteer duties.
Volunteer orientation.  Do you have an orientation that people go through before they start volunteering?  Have it on Sunday morning.  They can attend worship one hour and the class the other hour.

Required parent meetings before events such as camp.  Are you going to have a required parent meeting in preparation for an event?  Have it on Sunday morning. 

What programs or classes do you offer on Sunday morning in addition to worship services?

If you do this, what is your strategy?

What other ideas or suggestions do you have for offering programming or classes on Sunday morning?