Free Curriculum Giveaway - What's in the Bible?

Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales) and his team have created an amazing curriculum called "What's in the Bible?"

"What's in the Bible?" is engaging...practical...

I recently dove into volume 2:
Exodus: Let My People Go.  It covers...
  • Genesis (Abraham)  This lesson explains the definition of salvation and redemption.
  • Canon and Abraham's descendants.  Kids learn about the Old Testament Canon and hear stories about Abraham's descendants.
  • Exodus (Moses).  Kids learn stories about Moses from the book of Exodus.
  • Old Promise / New Promise.  Kids hear stories about the Israelites found in the book of Exodus, and discover the Old Promise and New Promise.
Here's what I like about the curriculum:
  • It has everything you need on DVD and CD-ROM.  Easy access for teachers and parents.
  • It is customizable.  Each church can edit the curriculum to fit the unique needs of their congregation.
  • It easily equips today's busy teachers and leaders.  Each lesson contains easy-to-understand, complete lesson instructions and plans.   
  • It is accompanied by online and mobile access.  The online materials are well laid out and easy to navigate.
  • The video teaching is highly creative, engaging, and clearly communicates truth.  Check out this example:
  • It has lots of great small group materials that can be used in a small group or classroom setting.  The materials are well planned and professionally presented.
  • Teaching videos can be used in a large group or small group setting.  Includes media files that can placed in your presentation software.
  • The games and music are fun!  
  • There are great take home materials to give parents the tools they need to disciple their children.  Parents also have access to online materials and videos.'s your opportunity to win a free copy of the curriculum ($79.99 value).  To enter, simply email me.  I will randomly select a winner.  Contest ends next Thursday, July 19th.  I will announce the winner the following day on this site and contact you.  The curriculum will be shipped directly to of charge.  Shoot me an might be the winner!

You can also enter to win a full set of "What's in the Bible?" plus a new DVD player at ($800 value).