3 Reasons Why You Should Attend the KidMin Conference in Chicago

Here are 3 great reasons to attend the Kidmin Conference in Chicago on
Sept. 28 - Oct. 1.

General Sessions are packed.  Jammed.  Chock-full.  All six will be teeming with dynamic speakers, engaging worship, and inspirational artists.  You'll start and end every day brimming with worship, learning, and fellowship. 

Training and Workshops with deeper learning.  What matters most to you?  At the KidMin Conference you can take whatever "unconventional" route works best for your ministry.  Whether you want a full four sessions, two, or just one, you choose the path that fits YOU. 

Community with authentic conversations.  Slow down and draw close to God…reflect on His Word throughout the conference,  join in worshiping Him, talk to Him alone, or build relationships through prayer with others.  Allow the Holy Spirit to stir your soul and reignite your passion for ministry.  Let go…and feel the embrace of the One who called you first.

I will be leading a learning track about "Postmodern Family Ministry."  It will include...

Session 1: Understanding Post-Modern Kids and Families
Session 2: Reaching Post-Modern Kids and Families
Session 3: Discipling Post-Modern Kids and Families
Session 4: Partnering with Post-Modern Parents

Track Description: “Family” is rapidly being restructured, so to be effective you must know how to navigate these changes.  Discover who today’s families are, how they’re wired, and how they think.  Discover the keys to effectively reaching postmodern kids and families in your community and seeing them enter a relationship with Jesus Christ.  You’ll get key strategies and pathways to help postmodern kids and families grow into fully devoted followers of Christ.  Leave with practical tips to equip and encourage postmodern parents as the primary spiritual influence in their child’s life.

Join me for this time of growing together.  You can register here for the conference.

P.S. If you're coming, email me.  I'd like to connect with you at the conference.