The Secret to Increasing Your Personal Ministry Impact

Do you want to increase your personal ministry impact?

Here's a big key...

Were you looking for a quick, easy answer?  There's not one.

Increased impact comes from prolonged obedience.  With long-term faithfulness comes spiritual power, wisdom, and influence.

And...long-term faithfulness doesn't happen by accident.  Here are 4 keys to increasing your spiritual impact through faithfulness.

Sustainability.  If you are going to be faithful, you must find a ministry pace that you can sustain for the long haul.

Those who win the marathon aren't the fastest sprinters.  It's those who maintain a great pace for the entire race.  Can you continue to do ministry at your current pace for the next 20-30 years?

Soul care.  If you are going to increase your spiritual impact through faithfulness, you have to be in a spiritually healthy place yourself.  If you are not, it will eventually become apparent.  You can only fake it for so long.   You must take care of yourself spiritually.  

Staying away from sin.  Sin will interrupt your faithfulness and hinder your spiritual impact.  Yes, God forgives and you can still impact others, but it may just be a shadow of the impact you could have had if you hadn't been taken down by sin.  Don't flirt with from it.  Put boundaries around yourself for protection.

Source.  Faithfulness that results in spiritual impact happens when you live in the humble awareness that God is your complete source of strength and power.  Depend upon Him for everything.

Think about the increased impact each of us can have 15-20 years from now if we stay on course.  Let's encourage and equip each other to remain faithful.