The Volunteer Team Building Video You Gotta' See

Are you trying to build a volunteer team?  Then you gotta' see this video.  It's the story of how Eric Whitacre built a great team around a common vision.  The video says it all.  Check it out.  After you're done watching it, (better it with your team) think about the questions below.

  • What ignited Eric’s passion for music?  What can we learn from this about igniting people’s passion for serving Christ? 
  • What do you think compelled people from all over the world to join this team? 
  • How do you bring people together in harmony behind a common vision?
  • How did Eric demonstrate empowering others? 
  • What did you learn from Scott Haynes (editor) stepping forward to put the video together? 
  • What does this testimony tell you about building and leading a team?

  “Aside from the beautiful music, it’s great just to know I’m part of a worldwide community of people I’ve never met before, but who are connected anyway.” 
  • What does this testimony tell you about building and leading a team?  When I told my husband I wanted to be a part of this video, he told me I didn’t have the voice for it, it hurt so much, and I shed some tears, but something inside of me wanted to do this despite of his words.  It’s a dream come true to be a part of this choir, as I have never been a part of one.  When I placed a marker on the Google Earth Map, I had to go with the nearest city which is about 400 miles away from where I live.  As I am in the Great Alaskan Bush, satellite is my connection to the world.”