Is Your Team an Echo Chamber or an Idea Enhancer?

Sub par leaders have teams that are echo chambers.
  • The team simply echoes everything the leader says or does...without question.
  • The leader never asks the team to prove him or her wrong.
  • The team is afraid to disagree with what the leader says...even when they know he or she is wrong.
  • There is no diversity on the team.  The leader only hires people just like himself/herself.
  • People don't share their ideas because they know if it's not the leader's idea, it will not be used.
  • There are commands without collaboration.
Good leaders have teams that are idea enhancers.
  • Ideas are always enhanced through healthy debate.
  • The leader's idea is not always used...the best idea is matter who it came from.
  • Disagreement is seen as a growth tool.
  • The leader shows he/she really cares by welcoming debate.  He/she is willing to put the time in to make something better.
  • The leader is willing to change his or her mind when shown a better way.
  • Debate is driving by purpose instead of personalities or politics.
  • Good ideas become great ideas through collaboration.
Here's the bottom line.  As a leader, don't surround yourself with echoes who agree with everything you do or say.  Instead, surround yourself with idea enhancers who can enhance everything you do or say.