Why You Should Play Games at Church

A New York City school is using games as a key part of their teaching strategy.  Watch this video to see it in action.  


Kids learn through play.  In the ground-breaking book, Einstein Never Used Flash Cards: How Our Kids Really Learn and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less, the authors show that play is a vital part of learning.

Games can be an effective tool to teach God's Word to kids.  Here's some ways you can use games to help kids learn and apply truth at church.

Pre-service games.  Use pre-service games to review the previous week's lesson.

Large group game at the beginning of service.  Use a large group, high-energy game to reinforce the main teaching truth of the day.  The game should illustrate or tie into the teaching truth.  Don't play games just for the sake of playing games.  Play games with a purpose.

Games in a small group setting.  Use games in a small group setting to help kids apply the lesson and memorize Scripture. 

Review game at the end of service.  Play a review game at the end of the service to reinforce what you taught. 

Do you use games in your Children's Ministry?
Where do you find game ideas?  Websites?  Books?  Curriculum?
What game(s) have you used that have been effective?
What are some other ways you use games in your Children's Ministry?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.