D6 Conference Highlights (Day 1)

D6 kicked off today.  I taught two sessions - Effectively Ministering to Parents Who Are Cohabiting and Postmodern Kidmin with a Family Ministry Focus.  I will be posting the notes from these two sessions next Monday and Tuesday here at this site.

Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research shared about the importance of the Gospel.  Here are some of the points.
  • Church is not an indoctrination into cultural morality.
  • We have Jesus' words which are the words of life.
  • We are teaching people not just to be a good citizens, but followers of Christ.
  • Some think depth is just the facts.
  • The Gospel renews everything.
  • There is a difference between good advice and the good news
  • of the Gospel.
  • The Gospel is not "you do" it is is "Jesus did."
  • Proclaim Jesus as Savior, not just example.
  • Diagnose moralism in your own heart.
  • Ground your application in the resurrection.
  • God’s people are called to live in grace.  It’s not dangerous to live in grace...it’s dangerous not to embrace grace.
  • Core values for curriculum:
    • Deep but not dry.
    • Christ – centered
    • Story focused
    • Mission driven
  • The Bible is not just for information.  It is for transformation.
  • If your teaching causes people to want to only be around Christians, then you have failed.

Mark Matlock, President of Youth Specialities, spoke about helping students stay passionate about their journey with Christ.  Here are some of the points.

Modern film and literature is a mirror of the journey God takes us on.
  • Starts out as ordinary
  • Call to action
  • Failure
  • Mentor
  • Trials
  • Maturity
The reason students are walking away from church is because they have been to one.

I will be posting notes from Day 2  tomorrow evening.