How to Get Families to Move to a Different Service Hour

Many times churches that have multiple services will find their prime service hour getting crowded as they grow.

Normally the service that starts around 10:30 or 11:00 am fills up first.  This is when you get the most guests.

Once this service fills up, growth will stop unless you can move families to a less crowded service.

How do you accomplish this?  Here's some keys.

Tell families why you need them to move.  Cast vision.  Share that they are making room for new families who need a relationship with Jesus.  They have an opportunity to reach someone else for Christ by giving up their seat at the prime hour.

Share the benefits of moving.  Smaller class sizes for the kids.  Better parking.  Easier to find seats in the adult service.  Maybe even offer free breakfast or lunch with the services you are asking families to move to.

Create momentum.  Signs.  T-shirts.  Have key families who have committed to move share their testimony and encourage others to move with them.  

Ask families to commit to moving.  Create commitment cards and have families sign up to move.  You can also personally approach key families and ask them to pray about moving.

Get creative in your communication.  Use creative videos and announcements.  Here's a video we recently created to ask families to move to another service.  We are also using the song "Move it, Move it" in our communication.

Is your prime service crowded?
Do you need to move families to another service?
What other ideas do you have to move families to another service?
Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.