D6 Conference Highlights (Day 2)

Here are some highlights from Day 2.

Pete Wilson, Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville

  • What matters most is not what you accomplish but what you become.
  • Your main job is to stay connected to God.
  • Languishing – failure to thrive.  Absence of mental and emotional vitality.
  • Are you addicted to doing for God instead of being for God?
  • Do you want a man-sized solution or God-sized obedience?
  • Constant contact with our Creator is essential to fulfilling our calling.

Dr. Richard Ross, Southwestern Seminary

  • Concentric circles (me, spouse, children, others)
  • Starts with you. (abide in Me)
  • Faith at home practices led by spiritually lethargic parents leads to spiritually lethargic children.
  • Do you worship Jesus with your spouse?
  • How you live is what you believe.
  • What shapes the heart most is leading your children to love Jesus and abide in Him.
  • Awake, adore, abide.
  • Are you an expert at ministry but a novel at being God’s friend?
  • When you abide...
    • God will reward you supernaturally.
    • You will follow more of His leading.
    • You will tap into more of God’s passions.

 Tim Elmore, Author of Artificial Maturity

  • Adolescence is expanding both ways. 
  • 26 is the new 18.
  • Kids are growing up too fast and too slow.
  • Students are over-exposed to information far earlier than they are ready.
  • Students are under-exposed to real life experiences far later than they are ready
  • Biblical knowledge is to fully perceive and understand through experience.
  • Generation iY is the newest batch of kids.  Characteristics...
    • Parental control.  Average college student text their parents 11 times a day.  Kids are their trophy.
    • Technology central.  
    • Affirmation constant.
    • Expectations lofty.
    • Scheduled structured.
    • Feedback immediate.
    • Upload available.
    • Stress rising. 
  • Three kinds of students you must connect with...
    • Driver
    • Diplomat
    • Dreamer
  • Four Images that will help you with today's young leaders...
    • Chess and Checkers.  Checkers are all the same.  Chess pieces are different.  Effective leaders connect with people's different personalities and gifts.
    • Velvet covered brick.  Grace and love with solid principles inside.  Must be responsive and demanding.
    • Rivers and floods.  Be rivers not floods.  A river is focused...a flood is not.  Kids need focused direction and guidance.
    • Drivers and passengers.  Have raised kids to be passengers in life instead of drivers.  Teach kids to balance autonomy, responsibility, and information.