Why You Should Be Using QR Codes in Your Children's Ministry

QR code stands for Quick Response.  It's a type of bar code that can immediately direct someone to a website when it is scanned.  They are scanned with a smart phone.   

It is quickly becoming a great way to communicate and connect.  There has been a 400% increase in QR code usage in the last year.  Over 4 million new users scan QR codes each month.

Codes can be created for free at websites like Kaywa.  The code you see here was created at this site and immediately takes people to Relevant Children's Ministry when it is scanned.

QR Codes can greatly benefit your Children's Ministry.  Here are a few ways you can use them.
  • Put them on posters that you are using to advertise events.
  • Use them to direct parents to a registration page.
  • Place them on a parent take home paper.
  • Use them to direct volunteers to an online training video. 
Are you already using QR codes in your Children's Ministry?   How are you using them?  Has it been helpful?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.