10 Mistakes Children's Ministers Make

Here are 10 common mistakes that Children's Ministers make.  I know...I've made them.
  1. They use the word "need" when trying to recruit volunteers.  People are drawn to vision, not need. 
  2. They think Children's Ministry is only about children.  It's just as much about adult volunteers and parents as it is about children. 
  3. They fail to raise up leaders of leaders.  It's not what you can do, it's what you can empower others to do.
  4. They think small details don't matter.  Excellence is found in doing the details well.
  5. They bring problems to their pastor instead of bringing problems and possible answers.
  6. They let working for God overtake being with God.
  7. They target the youngest child in the room in their teaching instead of targeting the oldest child in the room. 
  8. They equate a full calendar with success.  Think outcome, not activity.
  9. They program for the extremes instead of the middle.  Don't program for your most conservative families or the ones who could care less about anything you're doing.  Program for your average family.
  10. They think head knowledge alone equals spiritual growth.  Spiritual growth comes from a balance of knowledge, community, and serving.
What other mistakes have you made or seen others making?  Share your comments below and help others not make the same mistakes.