How to Reach a Parent's Heart

The answer is simple.  Reach their child.

When you take a child by the hand, you take a parent by the heart.

I heard this quote by Bill Hybel's several years ago and have never forgotten it.

“Throughout the years, society offers the church just a certain number of entrance ramps into the ‘non-church’ world.  At times, it's been sports.  Then it was marriage enrichment.  Today, I believe the single remaining common interest or entrance point for non-churched people into the life of the church is children.  No matter how lost a guy is, he still usually loves his son.  And no matter how off track a woman is, she still has a soft place in her heart for her kids.  This means we have a wide-open door to almost every family in every community worldwide when we love and serve their kids.”
Bill Hybels