10 Ways to Effectively Connect With Your Volunteers

Your relationship with your volunteers is critical in Children's Ministry.  Without them, ministry doesn't happen.  It is vital that you stay relationally connected with them.

Here's 10 ways to effectively stay connected. 

Listen to them with undivided attention.  When they come to serve, they also want to hang out with you for a few minutes, share about their week, ask you to pray about something, or talk about something you have in common.

Take time to listen.  If you can't give them the time they need and deserve at the moment, politely let them know you want to talk more and set up a time to connect during the week.  

Write them a handwritten note.  In the day of digital communication, a handwritten note means the world to a volunteer.  Make time each week to write some of your volunteers a handwritten thank you note.

Hang out with them outside of church.  Have them over for dinner.  Go to a movie together.  Watch a football game together.  Connecting with volunteers outside of church is even more effective than connecting with them while they are serving at church.

Say "thank you" every week.  Walk through the hallways and classrooms, look them in the eye, and thank them.  For tips on what to say, check out this post.

Give them an appropriate hug or pat on the back.  Appropriate physical contact brings connectivity.

Be friends with them on Facebook.  Facebook is a great way to connect with your volunteers.

Email them.  Send out a weekly email with updates, announcements, training tips, lesson plans, prayer requests, etc.

Call them.  Call and see how they are doing.  Let them know you are praying for them.

Text them.  Send a brief text.  Let them know you appreciate them.

Pinterest is another great place to connect with your volunteers. 

Of course, all of this should be done appropriately.  Use good judgement about when and with whom you connect.

What are some other ways you connect with volunteers?  Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.