Oct 22, 2012

Amazing New Invention Can Bring Snow to Your Children's Ministry This Christmas

Want to bring a white Christmas to your Children's Ministry?  If you live where you don't normally have a white Christmas, then this post is for you.  You can now bring snow to your Children's Ministry.

Kids love snow....especially at Christmas.  Providing this experience can be a big draw for families.   I have seen this work firsthand where I live in South Florida.  We advertise snow at Christmas and families love it.

I recently discovered a company that has created an innovative snow machine that is both fun and affordable.  At $289, it's less than the cost of one snow machine rental.

Below is the video that tells about it.  We are ordering several for our Children's Ministry.  You can order them from Global Special Effects.  (disclaimer...I have not ties to this company)


Wow I live in hawaii & we have been to events that use crushed iced for snow play but its never really "snowing" this looks awesome!

We ordered several and have been using them this Christmas season. They are easy to move around and put out a lot of snow. They'd probably be a big hit with kids and families in a climate like Hawaii. The kids here in South Florida, which is a comparable climate, love them.

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