Disney Shows How to Connect with Preschoolers and their Parents

Last week, I spent some time at Disney Junior...Live on Stage.  It's a live show at Disneyworld that is geared for preschoolers and their parents.  I picked up some great tips I want to pass along to you.  

Below are some ideas that can help you connect more effectively with preschoolers and their parents. 

Color schemes matter.  Notice the bright colors.  Preschoolers love cheerful, kid-friendly colors.

If you are ministering to kids and parents together, rather than having preschoolers sit in adult chairs with their parents, have the parents sit with their preschooler on the floor.  This helps create a warm, family friendly environment.

Preschoolers are captivated by puppets.

Make sure your stage leaders are high energy, fun, people.  The lady who emceed was bubbly and fun.

Tell stories.  Preschoolers love stories.  Make the stories of the Bible come alive.

Make it participatory.  The emcee got the audience involved.  She had us make sound effects, point at things, make motions, etc.   

Use visual object lessons that kids can touch and feel.  She told the story of finding treasure.  Suddenly gold coins (gold pieces of paper) came floating down from the ceiling.  The kids (and parents) had a blast grabbing them out of the air.

Use fun, age appropriate music.  There was music interspersed throughout the show.  The songs were upbeat and short.

Even if you don't have a Disney-sized budget,  you can still incorporate many of these elements into your preschool ministry and see great results.  Go for it!