What Causes Kids to Hate Church?

What causes kids to hate attending church?
  • Lessons that are not age-appropriate.
  • Sssshhhhhh!!!  Sit still and be quite!!!
  • Long services.
  • Lessons that are not relevant to their life.
  • Teachers who do all the talking in class.
  • No one knows them personally.
  • Music that is too "babyish."
  • Music from 1950.
  • Leaders and parents whose lives during the week don't match their lives at church.
  • A church environment that feels like school aka "Sunday School."  The last place they want to be on Sunday is where they have been all week.
  • Being stuck in a room that was decorated by adults for adults.
Do you agree with these?
Are there any you don't agree with?
What are some other factors that can cause kids to hate church?

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