Don't Live for the Junkyard

Did you know everything we own is headed for the junkyard.  Eventually that's where it all ends up.

My youngest son wants to be a master mechanic.  He likes to go to the car junkyard and look at the old motors, bodystyles, etc.  I go with him since it's a way to spend time with him.  As we look at old, rusting BMW's, Porsches, Benzs, and other junk cars that used to be brand new "luxury" vehicles sitting in someone's garage, I am reminded of how temporary our possessions are. 

The new TV will soon be outdated and be moved from the living room to a bedroom to the garage to the yard sale.  The washer and dryer will go out.  Even the house we live in will one day be leveled.

Why are we consumed with things that will soon be "junk?"  Why do we give so much time, effort, and affection to things that are temporary?

But there is something that is eternal.

John 3:36 says "The person who believes in the Son has ETERNAL life.  The person who does not believe in the Son will not have eternal life."

People are eternal.  The boys, girls, moms, and dads in your community will live forever in one of two places.  Now that's something worth being committed to.  That's something worth investing your life in.  That's something that really matters.

Don't live for the for the eternal.