Top 3 Leadership Skills You'll Need in Children's Ministry in the Next 5 Years

A study done by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed the top three skills that will be the most important over the next five years for leaders.

The ability to motivate and empower volunteers.  It will not be what you can will be what you can empower others to do.  The strength of your ministry will rise or fall on your ability to build a team of volunteers.  A one-man show won't take you where you need to go over the next five years.

Steps to take:
  • Read everything you can about leading volunteers.
  • Be intentional about pouring into your volunteers.  Make it one of your top priorities.  Build it into your weekly schedule.
  • Study great motivators.  How do they communicate?  How do they convey their passion?  How do they inspire?

The ability to work well with others.  Collaboration must replace dictation.  You must be able to facilitate a team environment.  Personal agenda must be laid aside.  People will not follow your title or "authority."  They will follow you when they know you care about them and want to add value to their life.  They are looking for a "coach" not a "boss."

Steps to take:
  • Sharpen your people skills. 
  • Become very good at facilitating team discussions. 
  • Become very good at conflict resolution.

The ability to facilitate change.  A key difference in successful and unsuccessful leaders will be the willingness to get out of their comfort zone and adapt to changing surroundings.  Ministry is a rapidly flowing river...not a pond.  You must be fluid and flexible to avoid becoming irrelevant.  Leaders who know how to successfully lead people through change will thrive.

Steps to take:
  • Watch how great leaders lead people through change.
  • Challenge the status quo of your ministry.  Evaluate your programs and processes on a regular basis.  Be willing to ask the hard questions and take action.
  • Improve your communication methods.  One of the biggest parts of effective change is how you communicate it.
What other skills do you believe leaders need heading into the next 5 years?
What are some leadership skills you want to improve in?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.