Jan 9, 2013

A Way to Get New Families to Return

We recently implemented a guest reception strategy for our Children's Ministry.  As guest families check-in, we invite them to stop by a reception after the service.

We have a room set up with popcorn, snacks, etc.  Some of our staff and volunteers are there to greet them, answer questions, and spend time with them.

New families love it and it provides a great opportunity to build a relationship with them.  This initial touch gets many families to return and become a part of our church family.  Try it.  It works.

Here are some pictures of the reception room we have set up for them.


Hey Dale -

Notice this look a lot like your Volunteer room. Have you repurposed it and if so what is your thinking on that? I think a guest reception is a great idea.

Hey Kevin. Hope your year is off to a great start. Yes, it is the same room. We use it to meet with volunteers as well.

You make me jealous a lot! But having a convenient space for visitors is right up there! :)

David, great to hear from you. You've been a blessing and inspiration to our ministry. Thanks for the impact you have on so many.

Great idea, Dale. Thanks for sharing.

We did this for our whole church at my previous assignment. It worked great and really helped us make an connection in their lives.

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