Lower Birth Rates in America

USA Today reports that for the first time in history, fewer American babies are being born while the number of senior citizens is growing.

Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age, increasing the ranks of the elderly.  At the same time, women living without a spouse outnumber those who are married.  The result is a birth rate in decline.

Other countries have gone even further down that road.  The Russian government is offering incentives now for women who have babies.  Japan's birth rate has fallen so dramatically that the Japanese population has the oldest average age on earth.  Last year, more diapers were bought and used by aging Japanese than were purchased for babies.

Children are our future.  They are our springtime.  Their laughter and exuberance is a treasure.  Without them we become a culture of self-absorbed adults.

We must cherish and nourish families.  We must honor those who are investing themselves in children.  Children are a precious gift from God and our link to future generations.