100 Best Ideas for Your Preschool Ministry (book giveaway)

It's time for another resource giveaway.  We're giving away a copy of the book 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Preschool Ministry.  Here's the scoop on this resource...

You'll find the latest strategies developed by some of the most successful preschool ministers in the world.  They’ve been developed, tested, and proven in real churches, and now their secrets are yours.  Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you’ll discover...

-who preschoolers really are

-ready-to-use activities kids can’t resist

-practical ideas for creating a preschool friendly environment

-instant help for recruiting and training volunteers

-ministry-tested tips for working with parents

-best of all, not only will you turbocharge your ministry, you'll energize preschoolers to love Jesus

You can enter the giveaway by emailing us at dalehudsoncm2@gmail.com.  We'll announce the winner next Monday, May 6.